If you've ever tried and failed to find the right romantic match, you'll resonate to the misadventures of six Manhattan singles looking for--or looking to evade--love. The action kicks off when thirty-something Barry--dragging his feet en route to discussing living together with a longtime girlfriend--stops in front of a Broadway theater to eye an attractive woman who’s clearly meeting someone. When she approaches him and says “Sheldon?”, he hesitates for just a beat before answering…yes. 

From there, the complications in this modern-day Midsummer Night's Dream just keep multiplying, producing lots of zigs and zags, connections and misconnections, and a score full of great tunes along the way. Result: a wild ride that had Workshop audiences commenting: "I haven't had this much fun in the theater for 30 years" and "When it ended I wanted it to start all over again."





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